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If my analysis of S&P500 (and Nasdaq) suggest that we will get a 5th wave move down, then how can I recommend buying Citi from $11.54? This is a valid question, and any good analyst should have thought that through. What I did, instead, was to look at the index and the stock separately.

I hope you took profits on Citi above $14.50, locking in a 25% gain. I suspect that the current decline will be the final push, the catharsis! (Here is your chance to click on this word and check its meaning!). Unlike the previous trade, we should aim to hold the stock for longer

I’m keeping this brief as wife is waiting at the door. Citi has already moved up by 14% since we bought it below $11.80. Don’t be dismayed if it comes down today. This is supposed to be a

This is going to be brief, folks. A safe sell level over the next two trading sessions will be at 95.55 with a stop at 96.85. Further out there is some more resistance at 97.11, but at present even a move to 96.55 looks remote.

This is a brief update. I acknowledge it is silly to project the pattern that the market will trace. If I were to do some wishful thinking, then it will be an ending diagonal triangle like what is shown on the chart

On 16th October I wrote that one could double his/her money by buying Citi in stages from $11.80 down to $10.40. Today, I came across this funny (old) quip about how to easily double one’s money, and decided to share it with you:

The Kuwait Stock Index is approaching some short term objectives between 10500 and 10760. Expect a recovery to around 11500 as a first step, and later on to 12200. It is likely that this move will not be a simple and straight move as there are many badly bruised traders out there.

Anyone who has traded the Yen knows that it is a different animal from the rest of the pack. But there is one undeniable fact about this currency, it is a trending currency. Once it sets off on a trend, it stays with that trend for a long time.

The market gives some subtle clues to the alert investor of an impending bottom. One such clue is a diagonal triangle at the bottom of a fifth wave. Citi has come a long way from $40 where I had recommended you to sell.