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There has been a lot of noise recently about the strengthening Yen. On Friday, the currency pair has closed marginally…

Rambus Inc, a closely watched Nasdaq stock, has shot up from its recent low of $4.95 to close yesterday at $11.39. While there are clearly some fundamental reasons behind the aggressive buying (court ruling in its favor, perhaps?) the time was ripe for this rally from a technical point of view as well

You might be wondering if Colgate Palmolive is preparing for a strong move higher. The weekly charts show that the stock has reached its Elliot Wave targets (a 3-wave correction that also complies with some Fibonacci projections). The daily charts show higher bottoms, and a period of consolidation with the stock tantalizingly poised near the upper boundary

On 14th October, I had warned that National Industries (a leading Kuwaiti stock) would come off by more than 30% from its current level. It was trading at 0.850. The reason for that call was the stock had finished an extended fifth wave, (an Elliott wave setup that has been extensively discussed in this blog recently).

You must be wondering whether the QQQQ has posted a major bottom at $25.05. This post will help you make that decision. Users of Elliot wave principle are presented with some of their greatest difficulties when trying to determine whether a major trend has ended.

Today’s headlines read the Bank of England were considering whether BPthey should cut the base rates by more than two points on November 6, but settled for a 1.5% cut so that they would have room to cut later on, and bolster confidence. Why is the Pound gaining ground (even if only limited ground) when faced with the prospect of further rate cuts?

With the stock tantalizingly below $9, many people have expressed an interest to see if there is any change in the outlook. So here is a fresh chart which suggests that perhaps we might find some support around $7.20

The objective of every investor is to buy as early as possible at the beginning of every new, major up move. Establishing a target for Wave 5, then, is the most important aspect of Elliot’s Wave Principle. I have presented you with a chart of Google (Nasdaq:GOOG)