This is Ramki’s second Elliott Wave book, and it focuses on Dividend Growth Investing.

Dividend Growth Investing and how to improve the yield on cost. That is the focus of many long term investors. If you are a Dividend Growth Investor, you are probably familiar with articles that urge you to wait for a pullback before jumping into a stock because it appears overvalued. At other times, you will see analysts suggesting fundamental reasons why a stock appears inexpensive. Trouble is the market has its own mind about what it wants to do next. Is there a consistent method of determining how low a blue chip, dividend paying stock could go before the market wakes up to the hidden good news? This book offers you such a method.

Whether you are just setting off on your investing journey, or nearing retirement, or even already retired, this book gives you the tools to use a time-tested method that will significantly and positively impact your bottom line.

“Dividend Growth Investing using Elliott Waves” follows a case study method to illustrate a simple, yet very effective way to anticipate how far a market decline is likely to go. The bedrock of the Elliott Wave Theory is that the market is governed by human emotions, which alternates between waves of optimism and pessimism. These emotions cause the crowd behavior to follow identifiable patterns. As you gain experience in identifying these patterns, you will soon be able to compliment the widely available fundamental analysis of the stocks on your watch list with Elliott Wave analysis, and then come to a balanced judgment whether to invest in a stock now, or wait for better levels. When it comes to investing for the long run, especially retirement planning, any additional help is clearly desirable.

This book does not purport to make you an expert at Elliott Wave analysis. But there is enough material here to convince you that including Elliott Waves in your decision making process will give you a significant edge. Written in a simple and easy to understand language, this book covers a dozen dividend paying stocks in great detail. Anyone who has read my other book “Five Waves to Financial Freedom” would have been fascinated by what is possible as a trader. The book you are considering now gives you, the Dividend seeking investor, a new perspective that should be just as exciting. Welcome aboard!

About the Author: N.Ramakrishnan (Ramki) is a Treasury Manager with over 30 years of market experience. His views are sought after by traders, hedge-fund managers, investors and corporate treasurers from around the world. Ramki has been using the Elliott Wave Principle almost his entire career, and he shares his unique perspective on the markets. Ramki is a contributor to Forbes, Seeking Alpha, Market Watch and several other financial publications.Ramki's book