Back in August 2019, when my online program was launched, one case study discussed a low-risk buy level. That stock recovered by 40% from near that level before it started coming off. Now the wave counts have changed, and we have to look at the picture again. Sounds familiar? Well, I have just added a new video recording that takes up this old case study, and suggests how I will handle such situations. A small investment in this course will make a huge difference in how you will approach the  market. What better time than now to invest in yourself!

You might also like to read this post on Yes Bank. That wave count too had changed over a period of time. We should bear an important point in mind when using Elliott Waves. And that is, no wave count is cast in stone. In order to be successful, we should be willing to change our original wave count. Naturally, you will change your wave count only when there are strong clues that the market is changing. That does not make your original analysis wrong. You are merely adjusting to the new realities. These clues and the options available to you are all discussed in detail in my online program.

Many traders think that the weakness of Elliott Waves is that the wave count needs to be changed sometimes. They feel nervous about this because they are seeking certainty. The first thing to learn about trading is there is no certainty about anything. There is never an open-and-shut case. Don’t look for the perfect Elliott Wave pattern in the real world. We seldom get picture perfect wave patterns. Yet, it is not very hard to learn to spot the clues. This is exactly what I teach in my online course on Elliott Waves. Go ahead and invest in your yourself!