As you are aware, the online version of my Elliott Wave Educational Program is now live. The response has been remarkable, and I thank everyone who has reached out to express their appreciation. This program teaches you how to trade using Elliott Wave Analysis. Yes Bank, a stock that trades in the Indian markets,  will go down as a classic case of how markets change, and how we should deal with such developments.

Yes Bank has today reached a decade-long low at Rs.33.15. The 52-week high was Rs 286.00.  This stock has the distinction of appearing in two successive case studies, and is used to demonstrate how we should respond as the market changes. 

Don’t miss out a unique learning experience that is not taught like this anywhere else. A single good trade can more than adequately cover the cost of this program, just as being able to identify the warning signs of something going wrong.

If you haven’t seen the new website, now is the time:  Ramki’s Elliott Wave Educational Program