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Ramki’s article How to succeed in trading was published by Marketwatch, a Wall Steet Journal publication, on 18 June 2012

Many of you are aware that I have been looking for a serious downmove in Gold, but only AFTER a second retracement of the move that followed the initial sell off at the end of an extended fifth wave. We are currently still in that second retracement. I would urge traders to be paitient because the recent moves are not suggestive of an imminent reversal. Take a look at the chart below for additional inputs.
Elliott Wave Analysis of Gold

Elliott wave analysis of stock market or forex or commodity market would invariably involve the use of some Fibonacci numbers to arrive at targets for corrections or projections. If you had searched the Internet for some information about the Fibonacci number series, you would have found a lot of material, but few explain it clearly enough. So this post aims to fill some of the gaps.