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In this case study of USD/YEN, I will show you how one could have used an extending fifth wave to prepare for a profitable trade. Let me start by asserting that the main goal of any trader is to identify low-risk trading opportunities before a move actually takes place. Once such a trading opportunity is identified, one should be patient for the right moment to pull the trigger. Elliott wave analysis offers one very clear trading set up that invariably produces impressive winners.

Rambus Inc, a closely watched Nasdaq stock, has shot up from its recent low of $4.95 to close yesterday at $11.39. While there are clearly some fundamental reasons behind the aggressive buying (court ruling in its favor, perhaps?) the time was ripe for this rally from a technical point of view as well

On 14th October, I had warned that National Industries (a leading Kuwaiti stock) would come off by more than 30% from its current level. It was trading at 0.850. The reason for that call was the stock had finished an extended fifth wave, (an Elliott wave setup that has been extensively discussed in this blog recently).

A reader has asked about a possible fifth wave extension in USD/CHF. (refer comment by Dolphin). We are currently trading at 1.2217. I see some solid supports at 1.2000 levels and tehn some more at 1.1850 levels just now. These supports could only move higher as we stay better bid on the dollar.

The easiest way to make money in any market is after a fifth wave extension. While identifying the precise end point of an extension is often a challenge, you can become quite rich by joining in once the correction starts.