As most of you know, I use this free blog to help people learn how to use Elliott Waves in their trading and investment activities. This is an extension of my popular book “Five Waves to Financial Freedom“.

A few months ago, a member of my exclusive WaveTimes club had approached me for a consultation on Just Dial. He didn’t tell me what his position was, but my analysis was very clear on the immediate prospects. From an Elliott Wave perspective, Just Dial looked like it could drop quite a bit. I offer you the full analysis that was sent to him below so that you can see the power of this approach. That client spent 2 units for the consultation, but that little expense has paid off handsomely not only because we anticipated the test of 358, but the recovery from there has already seen 623 today, a rally of over 70%.

Here is the link for the consultation done on 4 March 2018


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