General Electric Co or GE has another 14% on the upside. This comes on the heels of a more-than-50% rally from the bottom that was discussed in WaveTimes back in June 2020. If you haven’t read that post, you will find that even as recently as 17 September, I had discussed GE’s fortunes.

Take a look at the Elliott Wave chart of GE as of today.

This is a daily chart of GE where I discuss the prospect of another 14% upside potential in the stock.
GE has 14% upside potential from here

What makes me comfortable in anticipating that kind of move? Well, for one thing, we seem to have only completed a minor wave 3 of the moves from the 5.93 low of 11 September 2020. That means we still have wave 5 to come. A smart trader or investor will look to enter the market when the odds are stacked in his favor. In my on-line program, I teach you how to identify such trades using the practical application of the Elliott Wave Principle. For example, in the above chart of GE, what makes me think that we haven’t already completed 5 waves up. After all, we are already at the 50% retracement level of the prior decline. This is covered in the course. However, you already have some clues now and if you have read my book Five Waves to Financial Freedom, perhaps you will spot such hidden opportunities yourself.