Two short videos that showcase some of my Elliott Wave methods!

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Elliott Waves are perhaps the most powerful of techniques a trader can use to profit from tyhe market. In fact, I can confidently say that a vast majority of successful traders in the financial markets use Elliott Waves to take money from the less educated traders. Unfortunately, most resources available in the internet are hard to understand and worse, will produce very poor results because of faulty implementation. Elliott Waves is an approach to trading, and most people who publish courses seem to merely reproduce what they have read in some standard text books. As a trader who risks his/her hard earned money, you need to stop following  useless and faulty methods you might have been using until now and start afresh. I promise to help you in that journey via my online Elliott Wave Course. In a few short days, you would have acquired enough information to implement a completely new approach to your trading. Then, there are numerous case studies that you can watch at your lesiure to reinforce your learning.

Today, I am presenting you two short videos that I shared with one of my consulting clients, who, incidentally has also enrolled in my course. See how simple I keep it. There are no fancy indicators that are hard to understand. There is no clutter. Yet, the principles I share are unique and powerful. These are just a few of the valuable inputs you will get on my course. There are a lot more nuances that no one else will teach you.

Enjoy these two videos and feel free to let me know what you think!  If you have questions about my course, I am only an email away.

Here is the first video where Elliott Waves helped my anticipate a 9% rally.

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