There are some great opportuities in Nasdaq Index if you know where to look!

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Photo by Meriç Dağlı on Unsplash

Back on 29th May 2022, I recorded a case study for the students of my online Elliott Wave Course “How to Profit from Elliott Waves“. At that time, the index was at 12,131. In the detailed explanation, I suggested that we should try to sell at 12395 for a move down to 10,600. The index went to 12,320 and then came off to 10,565. From this lower level, it climbed to 13,181.

Then, on 18th June 2022, in an analysis that I did for my consulting clients, I identified 10130 as a target that we should test and after that we will embark on a long periof of conoldiation. ( To give you a complete picture, I thought it will reach this target from a lower level of 11,200 but it went to 13,181 before it turned for the final move down to 10088. Here is one of the charts from that pack.

Nasdaq Analysis by Ramki

I have just finished another detailed analysis for the members of WaveTimes consulting club. There I have discussed actionable ideas on the Nasdaq index.





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