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One of the fascinating things about financial markets is the underlying harmony in price action. Once you spot a trend developing, it is often useful to measure how far a move travelled, and be alert for a swing of similar distance in the next leg of the move. Take a look at the Nasdaq charts here, and you will see what I mean.

You might be wondering if Colgate Palmolive is preparing for a strong move higher. The weekly charts show that the stock has reached its Elliot Wave targets (a 3-wave correction that also complies with some Fibonacci projections). The daily charts show higher bottoms, and a period of consolidation with the stock tantalizingly poised near the upper boundary

The Indian Rupee is again above the 50 level, and both exporters and importers are anxious about its prospect. I had taken a stance several weeks ago that the currency is more likely to be at 45 than at 57. It actually topped out earlier around 50.25 and declined below 47. But now it has climbed back above 50, creating doubts about its near term outlook