The Governor of the Bank of England, Mervyn King, has said today that the UK is probably in recession now and 2009 is going to be difficult. He also asserted that he stands ready to cut interest rates again if that is required. Clearly, we need to remain short in Sterling. (Early resistances come at 1.5345 levels). I am posting two charts for your use today, suggesting a short-term target of 1.5090 and 1.4865. But in the bigger picture, we will likely see a test of 1.4570. Remember one thing, folks. We are not using technical analysis to predict the future. We are trying to organize the way we trade into safe compartments. So, when I have 1.5090 as one objective, I will take back a good part of my shorts near there, but be ready (like Mr King) to sell the Pound again if that level breaks. If the analysis helps us to re-enter at better levels, then that is great! Good luck.