Most of you have read my Elliott Wave book “Five Waves to Financial Freedom”. It is hard to believe that more than six years have passed since it’s first publication. There has been one special update in the past, but here is a recent example that is still developing.

It is important to remember that your success with Elliott Waves comes as much from “how “ you use your knowledge as it is from learning the concepts. The financial markets are affected continuously by various fundamental and political developments and these drive the price of individual stocks or commodities or FX pairs. Seen from close quarters on a daily basis, most of these movements appear random. Yet, when you step back and look at the bigger picture, you can see the Elliott Wave patterns quite clearly. My endeavor has been to teach you how to anticipate the moves with more confidence, while always emphasizing the importance of money management.


Here is the link to the page where I have uploaded the special update. I do hope it adds to your knowledge and understanding of this wonderful tool. Good luck