I had these three US stocks on my watchlist for last week. There were none for the Indian market.

The Friday closing prices refereed here are as of 6 Aug 2021, and the watchlict was shared over the weekend.

BNTX (Biontech) Friday Closing: $389.01
Looking to buy in two stages: 329 and 326 Stop 310

This stock dipped to a low on 336 on 11 Aug and went up by 16%
HLIT (Harmonic Inc) Friday Closing: $10.00
Looking to buy in two stages: 9.57 and 9.21 Stop 8.82

This stock has dipped to a low of 9.55 on 13 Aug 21 and closed at 9.66
AWK (American Waterworks) Friday Closing: $ 177.45
Looking to buy at 172 and 169 STop 164.80

This stock dipped to 174.53 on 11 Aug 21 and rallied to 179.09 so far

As indicated, these were all short term trades and I had many ways of exploting the professed view.

As a statutory declaration, I am sharing my own watchlist as an educational resource and not a recommendation to buy or sell any security. You can find details about this service at https://wavetimes.net/

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