For the US market, I had looked at 4300 stocks and selected these 3 stocks for the week that ends today:

UDR Inc, PEAK and PFE.

1. UDR, Inc. a self-administered real estate investment trust. Closing price on Friday: $54.99. See decent support at 53.20 and 52.20. Might buy in 2 stages with stop at 51.40 for a revisit of 56.30

Actual low was 54.59 and it went to 55.74

2. PEAK , HEALTHPEAK PROPERTIES INC. Friday closing price $36.97 . See supports at 36.30 and 35.40. Stronger support at 34.80 likely to hold for revisit of 37.60 and higher.

Actual low was 36.36 and it went as high as 37.44

3. PFE, a research-based global bio pharma company. Friday closing price $42.81. See supports at 42.10 and 41.80. Stronger support at 40.40 will likely hold while we attempt new highs above 43.70

It opend up at 43.30 and rallied to 45.86

For the Indian Markets, I had 2 stocks as below

4. Indian stocks include Ambika Cotton, supports at 1390 stops 1320; and Manapuram with supports at 195 stops at 178 among others

Ambika opened higher at 1629 and ralllied to 1732.

Manapuram opened at 207 and has been to 215

Now these stocks will be off my list as a fresh week bekons. If you would like to get a copy, please visit the following link and complete the form: