I present you with some of the charts that the members of our Exclusive Club were privy to while they made over 12% without too much sweat.

I had sent an email notification to ACTIVE members, i.e. those who had at least 1 unit left in their account, on 21 November 2016:

” You can log in to the website and access the idea for a charge of 1 unit. I will be posting updates when the time is right. We are looking for 18% to 20% or more in this trade, but I will be with you for the first 7% from here.”

The case was made for the trade with the charts in this link:


Subsequently, members were shown the possibility of a dip to $67 levels and were urged to buy more there.

Below are some of the more recent comments that members received:

On 30 Dec 2016


And today, 6 Dec 2017




wave 4 in RandGold
wave 4 in RandGold