Ramki’s Watchlist – Week of 9th Arpil 2023

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10 April 2023 – Seattle, WA

In my last watchlist of 9th January, I had discussed two stocks. GE and MSFT.

GE was trading around $72 and I said it could go up another 33% from those levels.

Last week, on 4th April 2023, GE reached a high of $97.87, which is almost 36% up from $72.

The other stock, MSFT, did not dip to my desired buy levels below $200. It just went up directly! But that is OK. Remember, waiting for a dip to buy is not the same as selling it 🙂

What do I have for today?

Well, the sock that is already up by 20% in the last couple of trading days in India is Godrej Properties Ltd. It is currently trading at around 1228. I think this could go up quite some distance. However, where to buy and how to buy it and how to protect yourself when you discover stocks like this is taught in my online program, at https://elliottwaves.com.

I keep receiving emails from students who say things like what you see below!

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