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Ramki N. Ramakrishnan is the founder, managing editor and primary author of wavetimes.com. He brings over 35 years of global financial markets experience. Our flagship course “How to Profit from Elliott Waves” is an effort to bring his unique approach to using Elliott Wave analysis to traders and investors in every corner of the world.

Ramki has been a Treasury Manager in leading international banks such as Bank of America, Chemical Bank (now JP Morgan Chase) and Standard Chartered Bank. He has a string of professional qualifications including the ACT from the Association of Corporate Treasurers, UK,  the ACIB with specialization in International Banking from The Chartered Institute of Bankers, London (now known as The London Institute of Banking and Finance) and the CAIIB from the Indian Institute of Bankers (now known as The Indian Institute of Banking and Finance). In addition, he also has an MA in English Literature and a BA in Economics. He also has a management qualification from the Faculty of Management Studies, Delhi University. He has won the acclaimed Lombard Association Prize for his paper “Finance of International Trade” and was the worldwide topper in the ACIB examinations.

Expertise and Experience

The financial markets have recognized that Ramki has developed a unique approach to using Elliott Waves, and his analyses have enjoyed a world-wide following from back in the 1980s. Traders from literally every top name in the industry have personally sought his opinion at various points in time. You may check out this fact by simply clicking on this ‘Raves‘ link.  His fans include hedge fund managers and high-net-worth individuals from all corners of the world. He was hired by Wall Street hedge fund manager Andy Krieger to advise one of the world’s richest men. Ramki is considered an expert is using Elliott Waves in trading and investing.

Books authored by Ramki Ramakrishnan

Ramki Ramakrishnan has authored two books:  Five Waves to Financial Freedom : Learn Elliott Wave Analysis,  and,  Dividend Growth Investing Using Elliott Waves: The Practical Approach to Better Yields. Be sure to scroll through the rave reviews of his signature book on Elliott Waves.

Media presence of Ramki Ramakrishnan

Ramki has been interviewed by Forbes about his approach to using Elliott Waves.

Ramki being interviewed by Forbes
Ramki being interviewed by Forbes

He has been interviewed several times by CNBC India for his market views. You can see some of his interviews on CNBC TV here.

Ramki is also a contributor at Forbes.com, Seeking Alpha and MarketWatch. Here are some Elliott Wave articles that he has written.

Ramki has been on the board of Association of Technical Market Analysts (ATMA). He has been invited by them to participate in a townhall meeting to make a presentation on “Elliott Waves – The Myth and Reality

Ramki specializes in identifying low-risk entry levels for trading and investing in the financial markets. His analytical tools and research on Foreign Exchange, commodities, stock selection, and risk management and other aspects of money management are published regularly at WaveTimes. The site serves readers from around the world. He follows strict journalistic integrity as defined by the organization’s Policies and Standards.

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