Ramki Ramakrishnan’s Elliott Wave Articles that appeared on Forbes Great Speculations

January 2014

(a) Elliott Waves Suggest Twitter Pullback To $55

(b) Sugar Set To Snap Downtrend, Elliott Wave Suggests Bottom Nigh

November 2013

(a)  Facebook Shares Might Surf Elliott Wave To $58

July 2012

(a) Elliott Waves Signal Home Depot Correction

(b) Chevron Stock Can Run To $120 But It Won’t Stay There

June 2012

(a) Ramki on “Market Blaster” Video Interview

(b) Stock Market Rally Presents Last Chance To Get Out

(c) Don’t Bet The Farm On Jamie Dimon And JPMorgan Just Yet

April 2012

(a) Beans, Beans, Good For The Bulls

(b) Elliott Waves: Apple correction to $510

March 2012

(a) BHP Billiton has 25% downside

(b) Don’t Rush to buy McDonald’s

(c) Google has downside potential

(d) The coming climax in S&P500

(e) Elliott Wave update on Google

February 2012

(a) British Pound

(b) Kraft Foods Inc (KFT)-NYSE

(c)  Fashionable time to buy Guess?

January 2012

(a) Greek Stocks

(b) Officemax (OMX) – NYSE

(c) McDonald’s (MCD) – NYSE

(d) Visa Inc. (V) – NYSE