On 20 October 2017, a new trade idea was presented to members of the exclusive club of WaveTimes. This post gives you the details, to help you in your learning. As you know, I consider this blog as an extension of my book, ‘Five Waves to Financial Freedom’. Sharing what little I know is the best way to give back to the world. While I do charge my members for the services I provide at the premium website, I always think that sharing one’s knowledge doesn’t rob anyone of opportunities. The financial markets are huge, and as humans, we all share the same weakness, in that, even with knowledge, we tend to make mistakes. (For example, we all know exercise is good for us, but how many of us get off the couch?) There is no secret to be concealed! There is a method, a strategy, that wins. I use that strategy in my work. Join us if you like, or feel free to experiment.

The following trade is of Dhunseri Petrochem, a small-cap stock that trades on the Indian bourses. I don’t remember what caused me to look at it, but here are the charts, and comments where required. I suggest that you open each chart in a separate page so you can skip back and forth if need be!


Then on 23 Oct 2017 I sent this update

And on 25 October, this chart was sent to the members.

27 October 2017

31 October 2017

The high on 3 November 2017 was 153.80, which is over 25% from the low seen after the trade was discussed, and a clear 20% from the average rate that members had purchased the stock. I use the same technique that I make available to everyone here and in my books.  I don’t churn out ideas to collect revenue. This is a hobby for me. I don’t make my living off that website! Yet, I offer great value to members. In fact, I sent out a complimentary idea to those who subscribed to the above trade, and I think that is doing just as great as this one did.  Sweet.

PS A new trade idea will be announced tonight covering an Indian stock that trades in the F&O segment