On January 9, 2017, WaveTimes members were offered a chart pack that spoke of potentially significant gains in Tenet Healthcare Corp (NYSE: THC). For the price of just 1 unit, the exclusive members of WaveTimes saw this stock move over 25% on three different occasions within a matter of a few weeks.

Here are the key charts.

The first chart below is actually a follow-up comment that I had sent these members.  Tenet Healthcare Corp stock was trading at $18.09 on 12 January 2017 at that time. The recommendation was to buy THC around $17. You can see that my approach to the markets is to be very selective about when we get involved. The odds have to favor us tremendously. There is no point in churning out ideas when a few good trades will suffice. In this case, I spotted some developments that needed some action soon in order to take advantage of the opportunity that was being presented.


And where do you think it went?



In my original communication with members sent on 9 Jan 2017, the suggestion was to buy in two lots. The first was to be below $15.80 and the second at $14.50. Here are two of the charts that I sent my members.


As you can see from the chart below, the stock came quite close to the two levels discussed above, and on both times there was a pretty impressive move upside.


It is important to note that while I have used Elliott Wave analysis to prepare each of these research reports, there is the additional value of a strategy that is being followed. That is where members get the edge. I am quite sure that many of the members are still holding on to THC because of the discussions contained in the rest of the original chart pack.

These examples are being shared with you because not only do I wish to enhance your learning, but I continue to admit members to the exclusive WaveTimes club, and some of you might see how this service is unique in that you get charged only when you purchase something. There is no subscription fees that goes waste when there is inactivity. Go ahead, and read all about it here:

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