Elliott Waves helped WaveTimes members make more than 40% recently.

This post shows how.

Regular readers of this blog might think that I am showcasing only the great outcomes! But the fact is this : (a) I don’t dish out recommendations on a daily or even weekly basis. (b) When I do send out a notification of a potential trade or set-up, it is after considerable thought, and certainly not because I could get some consulting fees { although such income does pay for my holidays 🙂 } and (c) I am not publishing every one of the ideas that I have shared with clients. For example, in the last few days I have consulted with members on Comex Gold, NWL, Zee Entertainment, ES-S&P500, Piramal Ent, India’s Nifty, 0363 Hong Kong, Hindustan Unilever, ERX, ICICI Bank, Hindalco and MCX Cotton to name a few. I do think that all of the above have been acting quite as the Elliott Wave Principle would have called it. Now that I have clarified this small point, let me share with you the analysis that I did in August 2018 where we anticipated the low for VXX around 26.20. This was actually followed up with reinforcing additional comments that suggested we might get a brief dip below 26, to maybe 25.70 but after that we should have a nice rally. Today, 12 October 2018, VXX has already seen a high of 38.69, which is 47% up from even 26.20.The actual low turned out to be 25.85 on 1 October and in under 2 weeks, VXX has rallied swiftly!

I present you the analysis of 16 August 2018 below, with the sole intention to persuade you that there is great value in using Elliott Waves as one of your key tools in approaching your trading and investing goals. If you don’t already own my book ‘Five Waves to Financial Freedom‘, why are you still waiting? It costs less that two or three lattes at Starbucks, but could give you enormous returns!

Here is the analysis on VXX that returned over 40%:  https://tinyurl.com/ybntyaf2

and this is a follow up chart!