Follow up on 21 November 2022 Watchlist

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You might be interested in a follow up on 21 November 2022 watchlist. Let us spend a few minutes on the stocks listed in Ramki’s watchlist for the week of 21 November 2022.

CSCO went up by 2.6%

GS went up by 2.7%

Walgreen Boots was up by 5.5%

The moves in these stocks are by no means over.

Next, we will look at the three Indian stocks in that watchlist.

Amara Raja was up by 1.5%

Bank of India was up by over 12% but

Hindustan Zinc was down by almost 9% but the main driver was the stock went ex-dividend on 24 November!

Below are some of the charts that you might like as a follow up on 21 November watchlist.

Amama Raja Batteries chart

Bank of India chart

Walgreen Boots chart

Cisco Charts


As I said before, these are NOT trade recommendations. I just thought these stocks are interesting. A more detailed analysis is absolutely necessary. I do offer a consulting service at WaveTimes.

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