As many of you are aware, I run an exclusive club for the serious trader and investor, someone who is not a small trader. Just like this blog is meant to share my knowledge with Elliott Wave enthusiasts for free, the other site is charging a nominal fee to cover my expenses. (I do consult with large corporations, hedge fund managers and high-net-worth individuals, and those strategies are not discussed even on the paid service).

It occurred to me that I might use this blog as a medium of notification of new ideas as and when they become available. Just so that you know that any blog post is such a notification, I will always prefix the title with the words “Exclusive offer to members”.

So here goes:

How about a shot at making 30% in a US stock?

Well, that title was catchy, wasn’t it? But that result is definitely possible if you are willing to stay with this stock for several months. For the first time since launching this service, I am introducing an income producing element using options. But you don’t need to be put off by that if you are not familiar with derivatives. There are also suggestions about where the stock is expected to find good support, but basically you can start accumulating the stock in stages from the current level.

 For the purpose of illustration, I have mentioned that we could sell 1 lot of Put option for March expiration. But you may be comfortable doing more. It is important to bear in mind that successful traders never expose themselves too much on any single trade. We should aim to make money slowly and steadily. After all, I could be wrong.

 More importantly, please read the statutory declaration at the end of this email.

 Before I sign off, please be aware that this stock trades in the US market. So if you cannot access that market, you should not be attempting to access the idea on the WaveTimes website.

 Here are two links: The first is for you to add some units to your WaveTimes account. The second is the link to the article on the secure website.

 Best wishes


 Statutory Declaration:
I am a SEBI registered Investment Advisor and a SEBI registered Research Analyst. However, as you have not discussed your individual financial situation with me, you should not consider this Investment Idea as a recommendation to buy the stock. Rather it is meant to guide you how to ‘think’ about such investments. I also do not own any stock in this company and do not hold any office that will award me a compensation from that company.