As many of you are aware, I run an exclusive club for the serious trader and investor, someone who is not a small trader. Just like this blog is meant to share my knowledge with Elliott Wave enthusiasts for free, the other site is charging a nominal fee to cover my expenses. ( I do consult with large corporations, hedge fund managers and high-net-worth individuals, and those strategies are not discussed even on the paid service).

It occurred to me that I might use this blog as a medium of notification of new ideas as and when they become available. Just so that you know that any blog post is such a notification, I will always prefix the title with the words “Exclusive offer to members”. (see the title of this post, for example)

So, here goes:

Building a medium-term portfolio with a bunch of stocks that have the potential for tremendous upside is within the reach of most of us. However, a lot of thought and patience is required to reap the rewards. I am offering a pack of 20 charts to show how I will analyze one such investment opportunity. This is a stock that trades in NYSE and you can have the chart pack for a charge of 1 unit. There will be no follow up comments on this.

 If you are already an active member, i.e someone who has at least 1 unit in your WaveTimes account, then send me a brief message asking for this chart pack. If you are not yet a member, or someone who has been taking a break from the market, now is a great time to enroll, and share insights that go to the members of the exclusive club. Becoming a member is easy. Just read the instructions in this link:

Exclusive Membership