This is an announcement meant for members of the premium service. I always prefix such notification with the words “Exclusive offer to members” so that you will know in advance.

A new trade idea has been posted on
It covers an Indian small cap stock. Accessing the article will cost you one unit.
I have also prepared a detailed analysis on another India stock which is looking promising. I will email that analysis to those who participate in this trade as a bonus.
For overseas members who are unable to trade stocks that are listed in India, I have a special offer. Purchase this above trade and write to me indicating your country,  and I will email you analysis of two stocks that trade in the US markets. These stocks are still some distance from a potential entry level, but you will learn from not just one trade that will probably go live on Monday, but also be able to learn from what I have discussed on these US stocks. Great offer that should not be passed! (Just to clarify, these two chart packs covering the US stocks are not trade ideas and hence there wont be any follow up comments)
Best wishes