Exciting Market Insights: Divi’s Lab Ltd Rockets Higher in Indian Stock Market – What’s Next? Find Out on Ramki’s Watchlist!

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12 April 2023

Hey there, it’s Ramki Ramakrishnan – your go-to Elliott Wave specialist! Are you ready for some thrilling market insights? Let’s dive right into what I call “Ramki’s Watchlist”!

Yesterday was a day of reckoning for Divi’s Lab Ltd in the Indian Stock Market, as the stock made a massive move that left everyone buzzing with excitement. I couldn’t resist checking out the chart, and from what I see, it looks like the stock has completed its corrections and is now geared up for its next major uptrend.

Now, here’s a word of caution – while the stock looks promising, I always recommend waiting for a pullback before making any purchases. Remember, my WaveTimes blog is all about education, not trade recommendations.

That being said, I’ve analyzed the charts and found some exciting support levels around 3120 in the short term, with even more support at 2950. Keep an eye on those levels and stay informed, because this stock is definitely one to watch!

So there you have it, folks – an update from “Ramki’s Watchlist”. Stay tuned for more exciting insights from me, Ramki Ramakrishnan.

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