Do Elliott Waves work in all time frames?

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It is natural for you to wonder if Elliott Waves work in all time frames. This article aims to show you some examples to prove that this is the case.

In my Elliott Wave book, Five Waves to Financial Freedom, I have presented dozens of examples from different times frames, The fact is, Elliott Waves work in all of them.

Do Elliott Waves work in a tic chart?

Take a look at this tic chart of the Indian Rupees.

A tic chart of the Indian Rupees to show Elliott Waves work in that time frame too

You can see from the chart above, the down move has happened in a clear 5 wave pattern. Moreover, it is clear that wave 3 has 5 sub waves. In fact, all the three impulse waves are made up of 5 sub waves. I have only labelled one of them.

Do Elliott Waves work in a monthly chart?

Monthly chart of Meta Inc showing 5 waves of an Elliott cycle.

You will see above a monthly chart of Meta (Facebook). There are 5 waves in the bull cycle. Sub wave 2 was shallow. The principle of alternation in Elliott Waves is at play here. Accordingly, we anticipated Wave 4 was to be deep, and that is what we got. We expect one of the three impulse waves to extend. Wave 5 was extended to be 123.6% of the distance from point zero to point three. We know what happens when wave 5 is extended! We get a steep sell off. And if you are ready, fifth wave extensions can make you rich!

Thus, we see that Elliott Waves do work in all time frames!

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