As most of you know, I have an exclusive club at where members approach me for consulting work, or participate in  trade ideas which use Elliott Waves. We have just closed another trade where Elliott Waves helped us make another 8% profits. I am happy to share the charts so that you can see my approach and its effectiveness. I teach these methods in great detail in my online program as well.

The stock where we made 8% using Elliott Waves trades in the Indian Stock Markets and also figures in the derivatives segment. Century Textile and Industries is a textile, cement, paper manufacturing and export company based in Mumbai. The main business activity involves manufacture of cotton textiles, yarn, denim, viscose filament rayon yarn, tire-cords, caustic soda, sulphuric acid, salt, cement, pulp, and paper. I spotted its potential about a month ago and alerted members via email. You can see the thread below.

11 Dec 2019
Hello. The stock is Century Textiles & Industries Ltd. The charts below give my reasoning.


Then on 7 Jan 2020, I sent the following email
Good morning
So we are long our full position at an average rate of 473 or so.
I had a few anxious enquiries yesterday about the developments regarding Iran and whether we should still be buying around 468. The response was, yes, because the news was not company specific or India specific. We have a plan and we should execute it. Otherwise, why have a plan at all?

10 Jan 2020 Morning:

Good morning folks,

As you know, we are long at an average rate of around 473, and today the stock has reached a high of 505.75. We are looking for a minimum of 8% return at which time I will consider the trade as closed. But that is not to say the stock will not go higher than that level. It is just that I will stop sending you updates!!


10 Jan 2020 Afternoon update

It is exactly one month since we launched this trade and it has reached the profit target.

The high seen in this stock today was 511 which is 8% up from our average buy rate of 473. Hence, I am considering the trade as closed and you will no longer receive any further updates.

I hope you enjoyed the experience where I demonstrated how we should plan a trade in advance, how to wait for it to come to our levels, how we should not panic when the news that causes the stock to dip to our desired buy level is not specific to our stock, or our market. Further more, I did not hurry you to take profits in the absence of any specific news. 
My online course seeks to teach these specific skills using a case-study method. And you just participated in a live case, and made 8% in the process. So long as you have at least one credit in your account, you will receive notifications of future trade ideas. 
I am going to add the full set of these charts to my online program, adding helpful comments about my reasoning so that students can try to apply the same approach in their other market endeavors. I have posted some of the charts here so that it forms part of the blog which serves to educate people about Elliott Waves. As many people have said, this free blog is a ‘living book’ , an extension of my popular Elliott Wave ebook “Five Waves to Financial Freedom“. Enjoy.