Hi Folks, Today I have tried making a small change in the comments section to make it more user friendly. As many of you know, there are valuable Elliott Wave clues available when a reader asks an insightful question. ( I try to answer most, and generally discourage questions asking for trading advice)

At the end of each post there is a small box where you could rate the post itself by awarding stars, and a long box where you could add your valuable comments. Wherever possible, please use social media like Facebook, Twitter, G+ or Disqus to connect. That way, not only will your comments be visible to a growing audience, but it helps keeping our club more visible.

WaveTimes is designed to help you with learning the theory and practice of Elliott Wave Analysis! I don’t make any money out of this. There are not even any Google ads on this site. It is meant for all who wish to learn how to become better traders and investors. I believe we should share our knowledge, and there is no shame in asking questions to each other. Those who have time can answer. Go ahead, and spread the word. Regards. Ramki