Hello! WaveTimes endeavors to teach you how to become a smarter trader using Elliott Wave Analysis. Today, I present you with three charts of a blue chip stock from the Indian stock market. Hindustan Unilever Ltd is a much loved stock among traders and investors. Observe how you could have used Elliott Wave Analysis of HLL to spot low-risk trading opportunities. The first Elliott Wave chart of Hindustan Unilever Ltd shows that wave 3 was extended to reached 223.6% of wave 1.

Once the 4th wave was finished, we could anticipate where the 5th wave was most likely to end. This is a very valuable information to all traders and investors!

Observe how you could have used Elliott Wave analysis of Hindustan Unilever Ltd to get on board a serious sell off when it corrected by exactly 61.8% of the first move down.

Clearly, investing time and effort to learn Elliott Waves would make you a smarter trader and investor. Explore the hundreds of examples in this blog and you will be amply rewarded! Good luck.