Gold 23 Dec 2009Gold 23 Dec 2009a
Many investors and traders must be wondering about the immediate direction for Gold now that we seem to have come well below the 1100 level. My previous comment had said we need a weekly close below 1100 to cast doubts on the call for a fresh surge in the price of Gold. Today, I spent some more time to add some flesh and blood to my previous comments. This will help you approach the markets with more confidence. As most of what I wish to say is already on the charts, I will save you time by inviting to click right away on the images to the side. Enjoy. P.S. If you were a careful observer, you would have noticed I changed the label for the 2nd wave in the final fifth. That doesn’t change the big picture.  A Wave Analyst who trades the market should be flexible and have reasons for trying out the best fit