Let me state upfront that my recent wave count on the Euro was incorrect. Elliott himself was acutely aware that such errors can and will happen, which is why he repeatedly stressed the rules governing the behavior of different waves. We ourselves pointed out in the last update that the fact the currency opened with a gap to the upside clearly pointed out to the fact the wave count was in error. The  target was mentioned as 1.3045. .The move paused at 1.3032 and declined to 1.2954 before taking off to the upside again. The high at the time of writing is 1.3493. A 50% retracement comes around 1.3510, and over the next few sessions a minor correction to 1.3350 is posible. But be aware that the current momentum is so strong that the Euro will keep trying to stage a recovery from every minor support. So you will still be better off trading from the long side, choosing to enter at supports