This blog aims to teach traders how to use Elliott Wave analysis in their trading. A variety of markets are covered to demonstrate that the principle works just as well in any of them. Whether you are a short term trader, or a medium term investor, you will find that this approach will add considerable value to your bottom line. Everything in this blog is for free. Every chart presented was done with a forward looking approach. Wave Times is different because I make no pretense that I know it all. However, I do know that a trader can make sensible trading decisions by using these techniques. Go ahead, and check it out yourself. These comments reach a few thousand enthusiasts. If this is your first time here, welcome aboard.

Today, I present you with a quick chart of the Dubai Stock Index. I am giving you a clue. Because the 2 impulse waves are normal, the fifth wave could potentially become an extended wave. However, you should also relate the current impulse wave to the measure of the prior impulse wave to see if you can find some relationships. Go ahead, and test yourself.

Best of luck.