When a reader requested for me to take a look at CLF, I almost responded with my standard reply that I receive too many such requests, and hence express my regrets. However, this time I hesitated, probably because the writer was from Argentina, and his name was ‘German’ 🙂 But surprise, when I finally got to check out the stock, it was already up by over 12% from its resent lows. My Bloomberg screen showed a related news from “Insider Monkey” which stated that billionaire Steve Cohen’s SAC Capital Advisors increased its holdings of Cliffs by 11% during Q4 of 2012. I then decided that I should spend some time doing a careful study of this stock, and share it with the world-wide readers of WaveTimes. The comments are all on the charts. Read them in the same sequence as they appear here, and form your views. Good luck. Ramki