To tell you the truth, I have never heard of AMRC Invest Corp until about 30 minutes ago. I received this request from a fund manager in the US to take a look, and as I was getting ready to post an update on WaveTimes, I thought why not take a look at this stock! My Fund Manager friend had just passed me the ticker as MTGE and I still don’t know how AMRC Invest Corp came to acquire this ticker. All this goes to show that Elliott Wave Analysis applies to ALL freely traded instruments. Of course, if one is considering an investment in this or any other stock, it pays to do some fundamental research, but keep Elliott Waves to figure out what is a good time to enter a position.

What follows next are three charts containing Elliott Wave Analysis of AMRC Invest Corp or MTGE. As always, there are comments posted directly on the charts. Remember, WaveTimes is currently only aiming to teach you how to use Elliott Wave Analysis. I am currently not offering any trading advice. Good luck.