Over the last several years I have been receiving numerous requests for a paid service. While being deeply appreciative of these requests, I have humbly maintained that Wave Times was created with the sole aim of teaching people how to use Elliott Waves. It also serves as a way of connecting and keeping in touch with old and new friends from around the world. My book “Five Waves to Financial Freedom” also sells for a very affordable price of $10 because this book was just my way of leaving a mark on the landscape. I am not in competition with anyone, and have always told readers not to take my comments on the blog as trading advice. Trading is a different game altogether, and requires deeper involvement. The good news is “WaveTimes.com” will continue to be available and will remain free!

Many of you may not be aware that my followers include some very wealthy people, as well as extremely market-savvy finance professionals. This group includes hedge-fund managers, corporate treasurers and high net worth individuals. These people maintain a very low-profile by choice. They value what I write because my ideas are original. They know how the markets operate. They recognize trading involves the risk of losing money! They succeed because they move in only when the odds are extremely favorable. They often make in a single trade what the average trader makes in a year!

I am on the verge of launching a paid service tailored exclusively for these people. Because of the specific market segment that I am addressing, my pricing will be way above what you are used to seeing on the web ($50 per update). I will not be churning out a daily recommendation. Sometimes there might not be a recommendation for two weeks! When I spot a trade that looks attractive, something that offers a tremendous return for the small risk that is involved, I will share my ideas with this group. I will outline my strategy with specific levels, and closely monitor the progress of the trade, giving necessary feedback as the move unfolds. There are other interesting benefits that members of this group will enjoy. I will announce the launch on Wave Times shortly.

If you are interested in this service, please introduce yourself to me at “wavetimes.info @ gmail. com”. Please write in the subject line “Exclusive Membership” so I will know what the message is about.
With best wishes, Ramki.