I’m very proud, incredibly excited and perhaps a bit trepidatious to announce that I am going INDEPENDENT starting from 1 October 2016. I will now focus on providing great ideas, regular blog content, seminars and boot camps to help the current and next generation of traders and investors.

I am really proud  to realize that my work has touched the lives of so many people around the world. My mission over the next several years is to actively share my methods and techniques so that more and more people can find financial freedom. For those who are too busy to learn these techniques, I am always available to offer guidance via the Exclusive Club. If your company is exposed to Foreign Exchange risk, you know whom to turn to for advice.

This is perhaps an opportune time to thank you, the readers of WaveTimes, for your love and patience during the last several months while I was deciding what is the best way forward. You may now look forward to experiencing the same exciting stuff that you have been used to at WaveTimes.

Best wishes

Ramki Ramakrishnan