“Memory is a way of holding on to the things that you love, the things that you are, the things you never want to lose”.

Old timers in the Forex markets would remember their daily dose of Elliott Wave Analysis that appeared on SCXE, CHMC and later NBKG. Many heads of trading floors have told me that they start their day by opening these pages! I managed to save some printouts for you, just to drive down the memory lane and remember the past. Enjoy!

When I moved to Chemical Bank in Bahrain, the tradition continued. The Forex world was served its daily dose of Elliot Wave Analysis via the CHMC-CHMF pages. A colleague of mine, Hans-Guenter Redeker, was writing his own analysis from Chemical Bank Frankfurt. When I proposed that perhaps the world did not need two people from the same bank to write on USD/DEM , and so CHMC will focus on USD/SFR, there was a howl of protest. The series became increasingly popular, and in the process I made more friends. Dave Reed, who wrote from Lloyds Bank London and Robert Balan (LBGB) are just a couple of names you might recall. I started receiving calls from Treasurers of multinationals around the world. Here are some snippets from the CHMC series.