Membership benefits:

Ability to choose from a bunch of trade ideas, including swing trading as well as position trading.
Updates on trades written personally by me and emailed to you.
A detailed record of why we choose a trade, where we will enter, where we will place our stop, what our profit targets are, and a review of each trade when we close it.
You can print out or save a digital copy of every trade including the charts and keep the file as your personal trading diary.
Invitation to any webinar that I might conduct.

Membership fee and how it works:

Each trade idea that I share is worth a small investment of $60 (or Rs. 4,000) to access. All communication will be via email and will clearly indicate whether the trade is a short-term idea (swing trading) or positioning for a significant move. The subject line will clearly state which market is being covered, allowing you the freedom of not accessing my comments for that trade idea. For example, if you are based in India, and if I post an idea to short-sell a US stock, you will probably not want to use up one of your credits by accessing that idea. Once you gain access to the main trade idea, any additional comment on that idea will be available free of charge. Whenever I post an update, you will receive another email.

Suppose you purchase 4 units for $240 (Or Rs.16,000). Whenever you access a NEW trade idea, the system will reduce your account by one unit. When you run out of units, your access will be restricted. Suppose you are not interested in Commodities and I present you with an idea on Silver. Since you will not access that trade idea you will not be charged. Your units never expire! You could go away for 2 months and come back to use the remaining balance. If you would like a refund of the remaining balance, no problem! However, PayPal insists that I can issue refunds only within a period of 6 months from the date of purchase. So if you wish to ask for a refund of any remaining balance in your account, just write to me before the 6-months are up.

How to access the trade ideas:

Once you receive my email informing you about a new idea, or an update to an existing idea, you should log in to your account by using the button at the top right corner of this website. Then you will be taken to a dashboard where you will see the current trade ideas, including information about which markets the ideas pertain to, and whether it is a short or long idea. Check out if they are ‘Live’ or not. If it is marked ‘Not Live’ it means you could still join in the trade as the buy or sell levels have not been reached and we are still waiting for the markets to come to our levels. Remember, you will only be charged once for an idea. After that, all additional updates to that trade idea will be free of charge. You can also log in and check it out multiple times. Our systems will remember you, and give you free access once you have paid for that idea.

How will I know that a trade idea has been updated with fresh information?

All members who have subscribed to a specific trade idea will receive email intimation whenever there is an update. These updates are actually on the email itself, in addition to appearing on the website. Thus, you will be able to view fresh comments on your smart phone even if you are on the road.

How will you determine a trade is Live?

Often, I would come up with two levels to enter the market. The stop loss level will be just beyond the outside level. It is up to you where and how much you wish to commit. I will usually have some suggestions depending on the current technicals. Also, you should understand that if the price reaches within 10 cents/ tics of the suggested entry level in the case of FX, or within 10 cents in the case of commodities or stocks, it is reasonable to assume that the trade is “ON”.

What happens if our levels are reached while I am asleep?

This service is not geared to day-traders, although many people have effectively used it to increase their profits by trading off the key levels identified by me. Thus, you would have ample time to place your entry and exit orders before the market actually reaches your levels. During the first year of this service, there was only once instance where I had to send out an urgent alert to modify an existing trade plan.

Will I get a refund if we make a loss?

No. Your payment is to see how I would plan and execute a trade. If you choose to follow my trading pattern, it is your own decision. I am trying to make these issues as transparent as possible so that you realize that Exclusive Membership at WaveTimes is something SPECIAL. There is no hard-sell here. You should join only if you are a risk-seeker and you wish to benefit from my insights. There is no guarantee that my ideas will all work. There will be occasional episodes of losses, but such losses will usually be small. We will be trading a system that gives us an edge, not a guarantee of profits. Again, there won’t be too many updates. We will move in only when the time is right, when the risk is low, and profit potential is attractive. This is a chance for you to experience a different approach to the markets. Feel free to look up the hundreds of examples on my blog first, and if you still wish to join us, you are welcome!

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I am not offering trading advice. I am sharing MY TRADING IDEAS. This subtle difference is a disclaimer that should take care of any notions you may have that I am responsible for any trading setbacks. You should consult your financial adviser before you take part in any trading activity. Trading involves risks – i.e. there is no guarantee that my ideas will work. So by becoming a member, you are signaling that you understand the following disclaimer: All the reports and content in the entire WaveTimes web site, my consulting engagements and the Exclusive Members’ reports (including this report) are for educational purposes only and neither constitute trading advice nor an invitation to buy or sell securities. The views are the personal views of the author. Before acting on any of the ideas expressed, the reader should seek professional advice to determine the suitability in view of his or her personal circumstances.