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I warned you folks about this chop. In just 40 minutes, Sterling had dipped from 1.5830 to 1.5720 and raced higher to 1.6020. What should one do in such a market? The most sensible thing to do is to go out for a snack.

Having failed at 1.6670 levels, the Pound has come off by over six big figures already. Question is whether we will see 1.5250 soon? There is not much of a doubt that GBP/USD is in a bear trend, and some might think that all we need now is an overlap of 1.5934 to call a direct test of 1.5250

The Forex markets have been known to be very liquid. But today the liquidity was at its lows. Spread on GBP/USD was 15 pips wide for a mere 10 million quote even when London was in full swing. I imagine this must have been the case even yesterday in NY time because the currency just tore straight up

I have been looking for Sterling to find support around 1.5850 because that area marked was respected several times in the past 20 years. But today was a different story. Incredible as it seems, we were at 1.75 just 4 days back, and today’s low was 1.5260. That is a cool 22 BIG FIGURES down

This is a brief update. I acknowledge it is silly to project the pattern that the market will trace. If I were to do some wishful thinking, then it will be an ending diagonal triangle like what is shown on the chart

The sharp sell-off in GBP/USD this morning was on the back of comments from Bank of England Governor Mr. Mervyn…