Ramki Ramakrishnan has been acknowledged as one of the world’s leading Elliott Wave analysts. He has been writing his commentary on a wide array of market-traded instruments for over 25 years. His followers have included traders from leading money-center banks, hedge-fund managers, portfolio managers, commodity specialists, high net worth individuals and several central banks. Here is a sample of Reuters dealing system conversations going back to the early 1990s.

His book “Five Waves to Financial Freedom” has been hailed by readers as one of the most important books they have read that teaches them how to use Elliott Waves in their trading (see here for reviews).

As a trading coach, Ramki has been invited to present his seminars around the world. His practical approach to using Elliott Waves sets him apart from the crowd. By the end of his program, traders are equipped with skills that will transform their trading almost immediately.

Ramki has been quoted in most leading financial publications, including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, The Financial Times, and The Economic Times. His market views have figured on Thomson Reuters, Bloomberg, and Telerate. He has contributed regularly to Forbes, Market Watch (A Wall Street Journal publication) and Seeking Alpha.

Ramki has a degree in Economics, and an MA in English Literature. He also holds a Masters qualification in Marketing Management and professional qualifications from the Association of Corporate Treasurers, and the Chartered Institute of Bankers, London (where he was the worldwide topper in The International Banking examination and winner of The Lombard Association Prize).