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A couple of days ago, I tempered my bearish view on Gold by presenting a 30-minute chart. The sideways movement appeared to me as the beginning stages of a complex correction. Unfortunately, while the correction was “complex” in text-book terms, it didn’t quite recover sufficiently to give us another chance to shout “sell”.

Well, well. The decline in Gold from $931 down to $771 was quite a surprise to many traders, but you were forewarned of the impending sell-off. However, we are now faced with a situation. The speed of the decline is making me a bit nervous about staying short. Remember the time when it gapped down from around $876?

The market gives some subtle clues to the alert investor of an impending bottom. One such clue is a diagonal triangle at the bottom of a fifth wave. Citi has come a long way from $40 where I had recommended you to sell.

Quite a few investors and traders whom I know have been betting big on Gold. For them, this post should…