There are many ways that WaveTimes members take advantage of what I have to offer.

(a) They approach me for an individual consultation concerning an existing or proposed trade or investment

(b) I offer members a set of charts that was used in (a) above

(c) Members subscribe to specific trade ideas where I offer advice on low-risk trades from planning to entry and finally exit

(d) Seminars and workshops around the world on how to trade using Elliott Waves (contact me if you would like to organize a seminar in your city)

The following is a list of recent activity in October 2017

Trade Ideas:

A trade in a Small Cap Indian stock where they made between 8% and 13%. This trade was initiated on 20 October and reached the 8% target on 31 October 2017

Additionally, several clients approached for individual consulting on numerous European, US and Asian stocks and Indices, as well as commodities such as Comex Gold, Comex Copper, and Zinc Some of these were shared as Chart Packs as well.

November 2017

There is currently an on-going trade in another Indian stock.

In the first week of November, 2017, clients have approached for consultation on several instruments, and that includes agricultural commodities such as Soybean IDR, Cotton, Cotton Seed Oil Cake, and Guar Seed


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