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A couple of days ago, I tempered my bearish view on Gold by presenting a 30-minute chart. The sideways movement appeared to me as the beginning stages of a complex correction. Unfortunately, while the correction was “complex” in text-book terms, it didn’t quite recover sufficiently to give us another chance to shout “sell”.

Well, well. The decline in Gold from $931 down to $771 was quite a surprise to many traders, but you were forewarned of the impending sell-off. However, we are now faced with a situation. The speed of the decline is making me a bit nervous about staying short. Remember the time when it gapped down from around $876?

Sometimes we celebrate too soon. I could be faulted for that vanity quite soon. But the signs are all there. A recovery to very near the resistance at $940 folowed by a $90 drop in a single session can only suggest that (a) there are no fresh buyers out there and (b) some people are actually selling even in the face of continuing troubles in the global financial markets. How else can you explain the gaps!

Quite a few investors and traders whom I know have been betting big on Gold. For them, this post should…