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Technical analysis on S&P500 using Elliott Wave Analysis including charts, Fibonacci ratios

After repeated failed attempts to break the support at 880 levels, the S&P500 index has finally rallied to fresh 2009 highs. Where does this leave the Elliott wave analyst who has been looking for an eventual move lower towards 780?

On 5th May I presented you with this chart. The market more-or-less behaved as expected. In a more recent update…

In recent updates I have called for the S&P500 index to remain well bid, warning we could see 937. That level is very close, and not far from another resistance at 943. I continue to remain positive in the very near term for the market

First, remember that we are not discussing a major top for S&P500. What we are focusing on now is the top around 875 because we determined that a five wave rally that had a diagonal triangle in its fifth wave position is badly in need of a correction.