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Elliott Wave Analysis of the NASDAQ Composite Index

One of the fascinating things about financial markets is the underlying harmony in price action. Once you spot a trend developing, it is often useful to measure how far a move travelled, and be alert for a swing of similar distance in the next leg of the move. Take a look at the Nasdaq charts here, and you will see what I mean.

I read the following in Friday’s FT and thought it is useful to quote here. “History provides some useful benchmarks. After the horrible 1973-74 bear market, equities traded up, though unevenly, until 1982 with six specific bull runs that generated an average 32 percent gain”…but, a buy-and-hold strategy over that time period yielded only 9% compounded annual gains, which merely kept pace with inflation.

A few days back (23 Oct. to be precise) I posted the chart of the Nasdaq top 100 index while referencing to Trader Mike’s post of a potential symmetrical triangle in the Nasdaq Composite index. I figured that it is time to take a look at that chart again

I believe we will reach 1140 in the NASDAQ not too long from now. Not only is that level a 161.8% projection of Wave A computed from the top of Wave B, it also coincides with a projected target for the 5th wave of the C wave

A couple of days ago, I tempered my bearish view on Gold by presenting a 30-minute chart. The sideways movement appeared to me as the beginning stages of a complex correction. Unfortunately, while the correction was “complex” in text-book terms, it didn’t quite recover sufficiently to give us another chance to shout “sell”.